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Turning Hardware to Fashion

So, here’s the story behind MetalTorks

Once upon a time…there was me, Maayan Yablochnik, who was very happy with my life.
I was living in Israel, raising 2 wonderful children, working in a day job in the online advertising industry and in my free time I loved building stuff at home, fixing everything needed at home and for friends and basically, just spent a lot of time in our local construction store.


One day, while driving to work, I had an idea of creating jewelry from construction materials like, nuts, bolts, concrete and such.

Since I’m no artist and haven’t studied any jewelry or design studies, I just started to investigate, trials, errors, until I actually liked something and was ready to wear it, the first piece!!!


So now, I’m even happier with my life, still live in Israel, raising 2 amazing children, building, fixing, spending a lot of time in the local construction store, but… my day job is creating jewelry that I personally like and wear all the time and hope you’ll enjoy them as well.

Hope to live happily ever after!

P.S – I just had to say that my favorite part is seeing someone else wearing my creations and enjoying it 😊


Technical info:

All our jewels made from industrial materials and going through different plating processes to keep your skin from direct contact with the different metals.

Designed and manufactured in Israel by Maayan Yablochnik.

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* Winner Artistar Jewels 2017 (Milan Fashion Week)

* Celebrities/ Social Influencers:
   Ali Levine
   Mandy Rain
   Nikki Bergmans

Feel free to contact for any question